Between Norrisville, MD and Stewartstown, PA
On the Mason Dixon Line

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July 20: Blueberries are still available for pick-your-own. Conditions are fair. Raspberries are also available for PYO, but conditions are variable as we are between varieties. Better raspberry picking will come in about 2 weeks.

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July 21: How did it get to be late July already? This summer seems to be rolling along at a pretty fast pace and so does the arrival of our peaches!! We began harvesting our popular Red Haven peaches this ...continued...

Dear Friends,

For 107 years our family farm has been producing fresh fruits and vegetables. Located on the historic Mason-Dixon line, our farm market offers packinghousecover (13K) some of the best quality fruit you'll find anywhere in the country, as well as local produce, jams, jellies, flowers, and canned goods. The orchard is open for pick-your-own strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, cherries, blueberries, and apples. Our website is updated weekly and is the best way to stay informed of the season.

As always, we hope you find your visit to Shaw Orchards to be an enjoyable one.  We are committed to bringing you the finest quality, home-grown produce season after season.  See you soon!

Barron & Jana Shaw

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