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September 14, 2023:  Peach season is over.

Our sweet and juicy peaches are picked by hand at the peak of ripeness and are available at our farm market. We also deliver to many area grocery stores. All of our peaches are great for snacking, but for other uses, make sure you get freestone, or ripe semi-freestone peaches.

Juicy, fresh peaches are great eating by themselves, but for a real treat, try some of our recipes.

We hope that this information assists you when purchasing our many different varieties of peaches. The season will be at least 60 days long, so enjoy….

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Cling: Peach that will not come off the pit, except with a knife. Our early peaches are clings, but sliced and served on ice cream or cereal, they are full of flavor and juice making them a treat. In fact, many people prefer the big taste of our first peach, Sentry.

Semi-freestone: Peach that will come off the pit when fully ripe. Usually early season peaches.

Freestone: Peaches that can be twisted and will fall off their pit. If you are going to can, you will definitely want to wait for the Freestones.

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Flaming Fury 5D July 5 Cling. Our first peach of the season!
Early 8 Ball July 10 Cling. Beautiful peach with good color
Sentry July 10 Semi-freestone. Good size, big flavor, a favorite.
Glenglow July 10 Semi-freestone. Perhaps an improvement on Sentry?
Saturn Donut Peach July 18 Freestone. A new flat, white-flesh peach that has amazing flavor. Wildly popular.
Flaming Fury 9A July 20 Semi-freestone. As good as Red Haven, and just a little earlier.
John Boy July 20 Semi-freestone. A beautiful peach with great flavor.
Red Haven July 24 Semi-freestone. The most famous peach in the mid-Atlantic.
Salem Aug 1 Freestone. Very popular peach, great for all purposes.
White Lady Aug 5 Freestone. Super sweet, white flesh peach.
Flaming Fury PF17 Aug 5 Freestone. Good mid-season performer.
Flaming Fury PF19 Aug 7 Freestone. Like PF17, but a little later.
Flaming Fury PF24 Aug 10 Freestone. Consistently our largest peach.
Messina Aug 25 Freestone. A new peach for us... will be replacing Fayette.
Fayette Aug 25 Freestone. Good quality, firm peach. A good one to end the season. Wonderful for canning or freezing.
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