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nectarine.gif (42364 bytes) Most people are familiar with peaches, but many have never encountered the peaches' first cousin: the nectarine.

Nectarines are very similar to peaches, but have no fuzz, show a deeper red, and have a more intense flavor. They also tend to be a little more delicate than peaches, bruising if handled roughly.

The nectarine originated in the Far East, in either China or Central Asia. They have been cultivated in Persia for over a thousand years, and came to America by way of the Spanish. Nectarines can be grown in the same climate as peaches; in fact, it is nearly impossible to tell a nectarine tree from a peach tree until the fruit begins to grow.

Shaw Orchards has grown nectarines for years, and is pleased to present some of the best tasting varieties available, including white nectarines - a true gourmet delight.

When selecting a nectarine, use the same criteria as a peach:

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