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Jun 17
Sep 14
Jun 7, 2023
Sep 21, 2023
September 14, 2023:  Red raspberries still available, but supply is variable and will continue to decrease through the rest of the season.
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New to our orchard!
You asked for it, and we answered! We now have over an acre of red and black raspberries available from June through September (take a tour here!) All of our raspberries are typically available both in our market, and for pick-your-own in our field.

Our early red raspberries mature near the end of strawberry season. They are a great early-season treat, and produce a second flush of berries in the late summer. These berries are essentially thornless and are easy to pick.

Black raspberries are a favorite in the mid-Atlantic. They ripen in July and last for several weeks. Black raspberries have thorns, but our berries are well-trained to a large trellis, and many berries are within easy reach.

August brings the first of our primocane red raspberries. These berries have very short thorns (think sandpaper, not spikes) and very easy to pick. Several varieties of these berries carry the crop into the fall where they typically last until they are all picked, or the first frost finishes the season.

How to care for your berries
Berries will keep best if they are refrigerated immediately after they are picked. Keep them dry and cool, and they will last about a week. Like all fruit, they should be washed before they are consumed. They can also be frozen; however this will break the druples of the berry and make them most suitable for baking or cooking.

What comes after raspberries?
The end of raspberry season coincides with Apple Season!

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