Spring anyone?

One of the perks of an outside job is staying highly attuned to the changes of the seasons.  Anyone would have noticed that last Saturday was crazy cold, with snow squalls and biting winds.  And most may have been aware that we nearly broke a record low (22!) on Saturday night.

But tonight while wandering the orchards I heard an unmistakable sign of Spring.  Spring Peepers.  They are tiny little frogs that you might mistake for a cricket.  They congregate around water, and are really the first sign of new life each year.  Read more about them, and listen to them, here.

I’m trying to track their appearance each year so that I can get a better idea of when each of our different fruits will bloom, and ultimately bear their first fruit.  Last year, the Peepers also began their chorus on March 30.  Quite the coincidence!  So if we see the same general amount of heating days over the next two weeks, we can expect plums to bloom on April 15.

But for now, I’m just happy to know that Spring has Sprung!

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