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September 4, 2018:  Pick your own apples on Saturdays.

At Shaw Orchards, we take apples very seriously. They have been grown here for over 100 years, and though all the original trees are gone, we still pride ourselves in offering the highest quality apples around. Barron and Glenn are members of many apple organizations, including International Dwarf Fruit Tree, the Knouse Growers Cooperative, and State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania (SHAP). We scour all of these sources and more for the best new varieties and growing methods. We know you'll appreciate our attention to detail!

SHAW ORCHARDS offers pick-your-own apples on Saturdays each week from Sept. through about the end of October, as the supply lasts. We will be picking different varieties only as they are in season, so check the RipeLine news to find out which apple will be offered. Gala, and Golden Delicious will start the season, followed by Cameo, Nittany, Rome, and York Imperial. Great picking and a fun wagon trip will combine to make a wonderful memory and an annual family event.

We will continue to carry a full range of fresh apples at the market.

For more information on the varieties below, try this link.

Our Apple Varieties -- logoapple.gif (1584 bytes)-Indicates "in-stock".
(Last updated: June 11 2017 )
  Beginning Suggested Use
Early Gold August Crunchy and Tart Snacking. The best early apple! If you like Granny Smith, you'll like this one too!
Gala * Late August - Early Sept One of America's most popular eating apples
HoneyCrisp Early Sept The apple that apple fanatics crave. It has a texture like no other apple.
Golden Supreme Early Sept A green apple, with big apple taste
Senshu Mid Sept Great snacking apple. This is an early Fuji.
Holiday ** Mid Sept Snappy All Purpose -- Glenn's Favorite!
Jonagold Mid-Late Sept An excellent eating apple. Crisp and sweet.
Cortland Mid Sept Great Baking
McIntosh Mid Sept Snacks, baking
Golden Delicious Mid Sept Snacks, baking
Red Delicious Late Sept Classic Snacker (and our east coast Reds taste a lot better than the ones from Washington!)
York Imperial Mid October Classic Baker, discovered in nearby York, PA
Rome Beauty Mid October Baking, Sauce
Cameo Mid Oct One of the best new apples on the market!
Nittany Mid October Firm, Sweet, Great Eating!, Long Lasting. Related to York.
Fuji Late Oct Snacks, Baking
Stayman Late Oct Good for Everything!
Granny Smith Late Oct Tart Eating, Baking
Pink Lady Late Oct The last apple of the season is dynamite. Sweet, crunchy, and long lasting!
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*Gala is our favorite early apple: juicy, sweet, and spicy!

**Holiday is one of the best new apples available: flavorful and crispy, with bright white flesh.

*** Senshu is an early Fuji: sweet, hard, and crunchy.

Ask to sample any of our apples, or sample some of our latest varieties.

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