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May 25
Jun 20
May 25, 2023
Jun 20, 2023
June 29, 2023:  Thanks for a great season!

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Ever had a really fresh strawberry?
Do you know where your local supermarket's berries come from? If the berries are hard or crunchy, oversized, or dry, you can bet that they aren't local. Strawberries, like most fragile fruits, reach their peak of perfection just before they get soft. It is the moment of ripeness when fruit sugar levels spike, and color is at its peak. Our fresh strawberries are dark red throughout, so juicy they drip, and so sweet that you won't even want to dip them in sugar. Unless your supermarket buys from a local supplier that delivers daily, there will be no comparison between store-bought and local.

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Save With U-PICK
For our U-Pick (pick-your-own) customers, we will have a special wagon providing a scenic 5-minute ride into our beautiful orchard to the patches ($5/person prepaid minimum purchase). Harvest will be plentiful, so come back several times with your friends and neighbors. Check the dates at the top of the page to ensure you catch the season. Remember that the freshest, sweetest strawberries are the ones you've picked yourself.

How do I pick a good berry?
Check out the strawberry picking video on our videos page!

As mentioned, a good berry is always fresh. But a fresh berry isn't always good. When picking a berry, make sure that it is red all the way around, including the area on the tip which is the last to mature. The berry will last longer if it is picked so that it includes its 'cap' and will last even longer if it includes a very small portion of the stem. The berry should be firm all the way around and not be bruised or dripping in any way; however, don't use the tips of your finger to determine firmness because all ripe berries are tender enough to be easily bruised by that kind of prodding.

To further prevent bruising, make sure you don't stack your berries too deeply in your container. Shallow cartons are available for free at the patch, so you won't run out of containers. Berries must be stored in a cool place, and should be refrigerated once you get home. And remember that berries can easily be frozen if they won't be used within a week. Just cap, slice, bag, and freeze. If you would like to have a large quantity of preserving quality berries (seconds), you may reserve an order if you call ahead. There is an answering machine on the Maryland line if you call after hours.

Family Fun!
Pack a picnic and enjoy family time after you pick your fill of our gorgeous berries. We have a full selection of cold soft drinks for your refreshment, and our picnic tables are ready for you. Bring your camera and record the event that you and your family will talk about for years to come.

Shortcake Mix
Short on time? Company coming? Looking for a sure winner? Be sure to have several packages of Shaw Orchards Shortcake and Cobbler Mix on hand for quick, nutritious, and taste-tempting desserts. Our new mix is very low in fat and no preservatives, and it will be great when our peaches are available too.

Pick up free Strawberry recipes while at our Farm Market. Or visit our recipe page. We want you to enjoy your delicious berries in lots of new ways. And look for our free 5ALIVE brochure from the National Cancer Institute. Your good health is important to us, so read up and eat up.

Healthy too:
Did you know that one pound of Strawberries has 55 percent more vitamin C than one pound of oranges? And according to a recent issue of Fitness magazine, fresh fruits and vegetables can be used to make skin care products.

What comes after strawberries?
By the end of strawberry season we are in to the cherry and blueberry season -- both available for pick-your-own!

Hours for market and u-pick:
Monday through Friday……8:00 to 6:00
Saturday…………………… 8:00 to 5:00
Closed Sunday

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