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At Shaw Orchards, we take cider very seriously. Our cider is pressed locally for our stand, using select fruit fresh. We ensure flavor by carefully mixing varieties in our batches, and keep our cider fresh by only pressing in small batches. In fact, with at least one batch every week, you can be sure that your cider was hanging on a tree just a few days before you bought it! All of our cider is pasteurized and kept in our cold storage at about 35º. We guarantee you won't find a fresher jug of cider!

Hot Mulled Cider
Mix 4 cups SHAW CIDER with 1 cinnamon stick, 1 teaspoon cloves, and a pinch of ginger.
Simmer together for 10 minutes.

--Or just pick up a package of our special Mulled Cider mix. Pop it in the microwave with a mug of cider and in 2 minutes you've got a great treat!

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